Introduction of Polycarbonate resin APEX™ (PC)

We have unique developed to produce exclusive-technological “APEX™” Polycarbonate resins under our original compounding process systems which have been consumed as plastics molding raw materials by electric home appliance makers, automobile parts makers, home appliance makers and stationary makers in overseas and domestic markets.

PC Grades
General purpose grade
(compounding & injection)
Extrusion grade HMB
High flow grade SLB M17R
Flame retardant grades
UL94  V-0(2.5mm)  V-2(1.5mm)
Standard black grade LB-BLACK
Anti static grade LBSE-BLACK
Anti abrasion grade AF0010N AF0003N
Glass Fiber reinforced grade LMG-G10
Surface Hardness grade
*Pencil hardness: F-H
LB-H  New
Taber Resistaant grade
(Less scratch haze)
PC82R  New
Post-consumer grade
(Natural clear color)
POST – 1 , 2 , 3

Automobile parts, House appliance, Electric home appliance, Household utensil goods, Daily utensil goods, Stationary goods and Office equipment etc., APEX resins have been used for the axis of ball point pens, mechanical pencil and nameplates and clips etc., which goods are approved to use ECOMARK and several environmental green marks.

Company brochure (Japanese) New


Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for APEX™ general purpose grades

Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for APEX™ Flame Retardant FR grades


Data Sheet

High hardness resistant grade(LB-H) New

Taber Resistant grade (PC82R)  New

Post-consumer grade(Natural clear-POST-1,2,3)

Introduction of PETCARBO® (PC/PET)

PC/PET alloy resins “PETCARBO” have been developed to produce under our original compounding process system which alloyed resins have the excellent function such as the weather resistance, the chemicals resistance and the mechanical properties.
There has been the quite difficult for the conventional plastics resins to get such an excellent function by our “PETCARBO”.

PC/PET alloy resins “PETCARBO® have been unique developed exclusive-technological producing under our original compounding process system which alloyed resins have the excellent function such as the weather resistance, the chemicals resistance and the mechanical properties.There has been the quite difficult for the conventional plastics resins to get such an excellent function by our “PETCARBO®”.

PC/PET Grades
General purpose grades AJ-I-071H   AJ-I-071ER
Heat resistance grade AJ-IH-771
High flow grades AJ-HF-910  AJ-HF-920  AJ-HF-930
Sheet extrusion grades AJ-EX-772  AJ-EX-710
Flame retardant grades AJ-FR-905  AJ-FR-906
Transparent general purpose grade CL-1140
Transparent Flame retardant grade FR-1141
Glass Fiber reinforced grade IH771G10
Glass Fiber reinforced flame retardant grade FR1003G10
These kinds of resins have the excellent chemicals resistance, the excellent weather resistance and have the mechanical strength more than twice of that of ABS resin. Further more these kinds of resins can get approval to obtain [ECOMARK] because of compounded with recycled resins and are quite gentle to the environment.
Household products, Exterior appliances, Electrical appliances, Amusement products such as Carry Bags, Automobile parts, IC cards, Amusement parts etc.,


Data Sheet

Introduction of PEPROLENE™ (Co-polyester)

We have developed Polyester Copolymer – injection, extruson and high heat grades.

Transparent, high-impact strength, scratch resistance, Chemical resistance and high heat resistance(X02 grade).

Co-polyester Grades
Injection –  General purpose X01
Extrusion –  General purpose X00
Heat resistance grade X02
These kinds of resins have following characateristics: 

  – Transparent Clear 

 – Good impact strength similar to Polycarbonate

 – Good heat Resistance (High Heat Grade X02 : 101℃ (213℉)) 

 – Good chemical resistance (Resistant to Alkalinity, Oil, Alcohol and etc.)

 – Scratch Resistance

Applications for PC and transparent ABS can replace with PEPLORENE™. 


Stationary items(transparent + impact strength), sagety goggles(transparent + chemical resistance + impact strength), office mat(scratch resistance), name tag (extrusion + transparent + chemical resisntance + impact strength), electrical appliance parts (transparent to go any color + chemical resistance + impact strength) and etc


What are applications ?


Data Sheet

Introduction of PSU / PSU-R   New

Amber transparent, good mechanical properties, high heat resistance(HDT >174℃), hydrolysis resitance(cold and hot water) and chemical resitance. For parts which needs high heat resistance

and hydrolysis resitance such as microwave, kitchen and bath electrical appliance, plumbing manifold

hot water compatible fitting and etc.

General purpose grade Natural  recycle grade
Transparent   Good mechanical properties  High heat resistance  Chemical resistance    Hydrolysis resistance(cold and hot water)  Recycle grade
Home electrical appliance(Microwave  Coffee maker parts) Bath Shower parts・Kitchen・House (water pipe)  connector Switch parts plumbing manifold  Shower parts Pump Automobile (Dynamo、fuse、battery cap、sensor and etc )


PSU-R Data sheet

Introduction of PEEK /  PEEK-R    New

Excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high heat resistance(Continious use >260℃(480℉)), hydrolysis resitance(hot water) and chemical resitance. Recycled from one grade film/parts. Gear parts which need wear resistance and valve parts/high-voltage terminal which need hydrosis resistance and electrical insulation.

General purpose grade Natural  recycle grade
Super high heat resistance High mechanical properties Chemical resistance

Hydrolysis resistance Excellent electrical insulation Radiation resistance

Recycle grade

Gear・Bearing・Screw、Valve parts for gas and oil, Semiconductor manifacturing equipment parst (carrier case and etc) Presicion machines High-voltage terminal   Metal alternatives Heat resistant tape etc


PEEK-R Data Sheet

【Molding Condition】

PEEK-R Molding condition

Introduction of Biomass Plastic New

Biomass Plastic is made of starch resin and can be compouded/blend with thermoplastic resins such as HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, ABS and etc. Biomass plastics help to reduce both fuel based plastic and green gas house generation. Application would be injection, extrusion suc as film/sheet for agricultural materials and packages.

*Compound/blend with thermoplastic resins
Biomass  Compound/blend with thermoplastic resins Recycleable
Packing material・Package film・Agriculutural film・・Any parts need biomass material etc



Introduction of AS-1 – Desktop extruder New

We have developed desktop single extruder AS-1 for lab test : compounding, 3D printer filament, fiber etc

What is AS-1 ?

Introduction of M a t a t a b i  – Recycle consulation

As recycle manufacture and supplier, we establihed recycle BRAND called MATATABI. We have developed unique and stylish products for daily uses from the waste.


What is MATATABI ?