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NEW!! PC Frame Retardant-FR Grade


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Application sample APPLICATION

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Apex Japan Co., Ltd has unique developed to produce exclusive-technological “APEX™” Polycarbonate resins under our original compounding process systems which have been consumed as plastics molding raw materials by electric home appliance makers, automobile parts makers, home appliance makers and stationary makers in overseas and domestic markets.

The grade guidance
High viscosity gradeGeneral purpose grades LB LMB MB
High viscosity grade HMB
High flow grades SLB M17R

Flame retardant grades
(UL V-0  1/8 inch)

FR2030  FR2230

Flame retardant grades
(UL V-2  1/16 inch)

AJ-180   AJ-200  AJ-220  AJ-240
Standard black color grade PCBLK120_160
Anti static grade LBSE-BLACK
Anti abrasion grades AF0010N AF0003N
Glass Fiber reinforced grade LMB-G10
Abrasion resistant grade LB-H
Post-consumer grade(Natural clear color) POST-1、2,3
Typical application

Automobile parts, House appliance, Electric home appliance, Household utensil goods, Daily utensil goods, Stationary goods and Office equipment etc.,

APEX resins have been used for the axis of ball point pens, mechanical pencil and nameplates and clips etc., which goods are approved to use ECOMARK.

PC/PET alloy resins “PETCARBO® have been unique developed exclusive-technological producing under our original compounding process system which alloyed resins have the excellent function such as the weather resistance, the chemicals resistance and the mechanical properties.There has been the quite difficult for the conventional plastics resins to get such an excellent function by our “PETCARBO®”.

The grade guidance
General purpose grades AJ-I-071H   AJ-I-071ER  AJ-I-071M
Heat resistance grade AJ-IH-771
High flow grades AJ-HF-910  AJ-HF-920  AJ-HF-930
Sheet extrusion grades AJ-EX-772  AJ-EX-710
Flame retardant grades AJ-FR-905  AJ-FR-906
Transparent general purpose grade CL-1140
Transparent Flame retardant grade FR-1141
Glass Fiber reinforced grade IH771G10
Glass Fiber reinforced flame retardant grade FR1003G10
These kinds of resins have the excellent chemicals resistance, the excellent weather resistance and have the mechanical strength more than twice of that of ABS resin. Further more these kinds of resins can get approval to obtain [ECOMARK] because of compounded with recycled resins and are quite gentle to the environment.
Typical application

Household products, Exterior appliances, Electrical appliances, Amusement products such as Carry Bags, Automobile parts, IC cards, Amusement parts etc.,


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